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Heating and Cooling Maintenance

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With Melbourne’s erratic weather often referred to as “four seasons in a day,” controlling household temperature is an absolute necessity. Regular servicing & maintenance of your heating and cooling system will ensure that you don’t get stuck baking or freezing inside your home until emergency repair technicians can arrive.

With a proper maintenance schedule, you can be confident that your system is operating at peak efficiency all year round, ready to reliably & cost-effectively supply the temperatures you need — whatever the season.

Preventive Maintenance for Heating & Cooling Systems

Preventive maintenance is a regularly scheduled maintenance checkup performed by a skilled technician to ensure that your heating and cooling system continues to reliably function for a prolonged period. Just like tuning a guitar or sharpening your cooking knives, preventive maintenance will improve the quality of your heating and cooling while reducing the chance of future breakdowns.

Preventive maintenance allows our technicians at SimplyAir to proactively catch any issues your system may be developing, such as:

– Loose electrical wires
– Worn parts
– Dirty coils and fan blades
– Faulty control systems
– Refrigerant leaks
– Clogged drains

These issues are crucial to catch sooner rather than later, as a faulty machine will not only perform weakly and increase your electricity bill but also pose potential health and safety risks.

By performing regular maintenance, you can avoid reactive maintenance. A reactive maintenance approach is where the problem has already occurred, and now you’re on your phone on a 40-degree day trying to sort out repairs! Reactive maintenance can not only be more stressful to sort out but often ends up costing you more, with unattended minor issues building into major faults. Major faults that could see you not just simply paying to repair your system but having to fully replace it. Preventive maintenance is usually the most cost-effective solution, allowing you to control your system’s longevity & reliability.

Benefits of Preventive HVAC Maintenance

A well-planned preventive maintenance schedule is only as good as the experts you hire. At SimplyAir, our technicians guarantee expert professional servicing and the numerous benefits that come with it. Professional servicing can help to:

Uphold Your Warranty

Uphold your manufacturer’s warranties with annual professional servicing commonly required to maintain your warranty coverage.

Extend the Life of Your System

Prolong the lifespan of your heating and cooling system with a preventive maintenance plan helping our team to quickly resolve problems before they develop.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Preventive maintenance saves you money by reducing the likelihood of advanced faults and issues and helping maintain up to 95% of the original operational efficiency performance. By regularly maintaining your heating and cooling systems, you can avoid problems like poor airflow, dust build-up and faulty thermostats, which would otherwise prompt you to overrun your system to maintain a comfortable home temperature.

Keep Your Air Hygienic

Reduce particle buildup such as dust, mould, debris and pollen for better, safer air quality. This is especially important for allergy sufferers or those with respiratory illnesses.

With our comprehensive air conditioning and heating servicing, we’ll be able to diagnose the symptoms of any potential issues with your air conditioning unit in no time and help you to reap the benefits of high-efficiency heating and cooling.

What Types of Heating & Cooling Systems Do We Service?

At Simplyair Heating and Cooling, we provide professional service and maintenance for a variety of clients, large and small, such as:

– Residential homes
– Commercial businesses
– Schools
– Offices

We specialise in servicing all types of systems, including:

– Split system air conditioners
– Ducted heating & cooling
– Hydronic heating systems
– Evaporative cooling systems
– Cassette and console systems
– Rooftop package units

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Call us on 03 9879 2255 or send us a message to get a call back

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