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Electric Panel Heating in Melbourne

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Electric Panel Heating Installation

Panel heating is a classic option for heating your home. Whether you use a wall-mounted over the floor unit or an underfloor heating system, you can rely on a heating solution that efficiently and consistently warms a room or your entire home. 

 At Simplyair Heating and Cooling, we have provided quality heating solutions across Melbourne for over 30 years. This includes high quality electric panel heating as well as the best split system air conditioners and gas ducted heating. Melbourne homes and businesses count on us to provide systems that help keep them warm during winter while keeping their bills down and minimising their environmental footprint.  

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Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heating Systems 

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Wall-mounted panel heaters are popular for their efficiency in heating a room and for their sleek, stylish design. Electric panel heaters are excellent for maintaining a stable room temperature of your choice and can be set to come on at different times. Rather than producing heat that rises toward the ceiling inside a room, our electrical panels direct heat in straight lines across the entire room. This ensures that every corner of your home maintains a comfortable temperature. 

 Wall mounted panel heaters are a great choice when you want to set different temperatures in each room. For example, many prefer to keep bedrooms cooler than living spaces. They are particularly effective in smaller spaces or areas you use infrequently as they provide instant heat as soon as they are switched on. This means you don’t have to wait around as long to feel warm in a room.  

Underfloor Panel Heating Systems 

Underfloor panel heaters are a popular choice throughout Melbourne for their invisibility and fast acting heat. This type of heating works like an electric blanket for your floor, with heating panels installed under the surface. It’s safe, easy to manage and provides consistent, economic heat when you need.  

 If you’re looking for a simple, reliable way of heating your home, underfloor panel heating is exactly what you need. The floor is one of the hardest places to keep warm, so by making it the source of heat, you can experience the luxurious comfort of walking on a warm floor. 

Laminate flooring.

Call Melbourne’s Heating and Cooling Specialists

Simplyair are Melbourne’s heating and cooling specialists. Our professional and friendly team can help you choose the right heating option for your building, install it and provide maintenance services to ensure it works efficiently for years to come.  

For a range of quality heating systems including electric panel heaters, the best split system air conditioners and gas ducted heating in Melbourne, get in touch with our experienced team today. Call us on  (03) 9879 2255 or complete our quick online form for a free quote. 

Call us on 03 9879 2255 or send us a message to get a call back

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