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Healthy, Effective Air Conditioning with an Evaporative Cooling System

An evaporative cooling system is one of the most effective, cost-efficient and healthiest forms of air conditioning at SimplyAir.

These air conditioners drive a constant flow of cool, humidified air through your home, which then escapes through an open door or window. The temperature inside your home decreases through this circulation, allowing fresh and healthy air to move freely.  


Is an Evaporative Cooling System Right for Me? 

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An evaporative cooling system works by an entirely different method of cooling compared with conventional air conditioners.

Conventional air conditioners use chemicals, called refrigerants. The air conditioner takes in warm air inside the room, cools it as the refrigerants transfer the heat to the air outside of the room. The cooled air is then released back into the room to circulate.

Meanwhile, evaporative cooling systems use a fan to pull hot air into the unit and along a series of surfaces soaked in water. As the heat in the air is transferred to the water, the air cools down while at the same time the water evaporates into vapour. The first thing to consider when exploring your climate control options is the type of climate you live in. An evaporative cooling system works best in low humidity, making it ideal for Melbourne homes.

When using these systems, you need to open doors and windows throughout the building. This allows for hot air to escape, helping your system to cool your home or office faster. With correct use and regular servicing, you can keep your operating costs low.

One final thing to consider with an evaporative cooling system is its pressurising effect. This indirect benefit provides even cleaner air for your home or office.  

What Are the Benefits of an Evaporative Cooling System? 

An easily installed product for new or existing buildings

A healthy form of home cooling

A continuous cycle of fresh air

Energy-efficient low-cost system

As your Melbourne heating and cooling experts, you can be guaranteed expert installation by our team of technicians.  

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Call us on 03 9879 2255 or send us a message to get a call back

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