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Split Air Conditioning Heating in Melbourne

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Split Systems for Modern Heating in Melbourne

Looking for the best split system air conditioners in Melbourne? At Simplyair Heating and Cooling, we have over 30 years of installing and maintaining quality split systems, helping homeowners and businesses all across Melbourne keep warm during winter while reducing their energy bills and environmental footprint.

A split system is one of the most popular, modern and stylish ways to heat a space or an entire house. As Melbourne’s heating and cooling specialists, Simplyair provide reliable split system installations as well as maintaining your unit to ensure it works efficiently for as long as possible.

How a Split System Air Conditioner Works

Split systems have an inside and outside unit, heating and cooling air through a process of condensing refrigerant into pressurised liquid and then changing it back into gas again. The reduction of the pressure as it becomes gas releases heat, with the unit blowing the warm air into the inside of the room.

To cool your home, this process is simply reversed. Air sucked in from outside passes over evaporator coils where the cold liquid refrigerant is sitting, cooling the air significantly before blowing it into the room. This system allows you to easily control the temperature in your home, ensuring you stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Example setup showing the simple connection for home air conditioner system unit..Example Split Air Conditioner System Diagram. Illustration..

Types of Split System Air Conditioners

Split systems come in a range of options to suit your specific needs based on the layout of your home and aesthetic preferences.

An air conditioning unit above a sofa in a colourful living room

Wall mounted – The most popular type of split system, wall mounted air conditioners look great and are highly effective at cooling and heating individual rooms. They are energy efficient and run quietly.

Interior of a modern office with chairs and table

Ceiling mounted (cassette) – This type of split system is ideal for houses without external wall access and limited ceiling space for a ducted system. These compact units fit seamlessly into the ceiling, making them a great option for family rooms and lounges as well as meeting rooms, offices, hotels and restaurants.

Opening Up Floor Vent Heater

Floor Mounted – Floor standing air conditioning units are great for anyone wanting the convenience and access of positioning their split system closer to the floor. They are compact, come in a wide range of capacities and can be semi-recessed into the wall.

Single or Multi-Head Wall-Mounted Systems?

The single-head wall-mounted system is practical for small or large rooms, consisting of a single unit indoors and one outdoor condensing unit that provides consistent airflow.

The multi-head wall-mounted system features multiple indoor units that are linked to a single outdoor condensing unit. In comparison to a single-head model, these multi-head units are recommended for homeowners with limited outdoor space. Additionally, they’re handy for people who prefer the look of fewer systems in outdoor areas.

The Benefits of Split-System Heating

When you choose the best split system air conditioner for your needs, you will benefit from:

You can be guaranteed expert split system installation by our team of qualified and experienced technicians.

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