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Quietest Air Conditioner

When choosing the best air conditioning system for your home, your priority list will likely include finding the most energy efficient & quietest cooling solution for your space. The quietest air conditioners on the market are both split systems as split systems tend to be quieter than ducted units. These are the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries […]

Do Evaporative Coolers work in Melbourne?

Yes, evaporative coolers do work effectively in Melbourne. A popular choice for cooling homes and businesses, evaporative coolers are one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective means to stay cool when the temperatures rise. With Melbourne summers tending to be mostly dry and warm, evaporative cooling is an excellent solution to keep your home climate […]

Best Temperature for Sleep

Although it varies from person to person, the optimal temperature for sleeping is 18.3 degrees celsius. To ensure the most comfortable sleep, doctors recommend a room temperature anywhere between 15.6 and 20 degrees celsius. There’s nothing better than having a good night’s sleep. It plays a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing, and […]

Most Energy-Efficient Split System Air Conditioner

The energy consumption of air conditioners can be a major concern for many, with recent rising energy costs due to the clean energy transition causing a strain on Australians. Fortunately, there are energy-efficient split system air conditioners such as the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus and Bronte Series, ActronAir Serene Series 2, and Daikin Alira […]

Keeping the House Cool in Extreme Heat

Surviving an Australian summer is no easy feat. However, by combining appropriate shading, lighting, airflow, and gadgets, you can keep your home cool and comfortable. Beat the Australian heat with our handy tips and tricks for your home, including advice on running and maintaining your A/C for maximum cooling efficiency. Beat the Heat With These […]

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