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Melbourne’s temperate climate means we are home to some of Australia’s coldest winters. In the months from May to November, Melbournians endure minimum average temperatures in the single figures, and although we are a city of winter-lovers, energy efficient heating in Melbourne is an absolute necessity.

It is even mandatory by law for rental properties to provide some kind of heating in Victorian homes. Making the choice to heat your home is easy, but choosing the most energy efficient heating for the Melbourne climate is going to help both your wallet and the environment.

How do you know which is the best system for your home? The two most energy efficient options are hydronic heating and ducted gas heating.

Let’s compare them to find out which is right for your home. Whether it’s hot or cold in Melbourne, it’s always a good time to research heating systems if you need one installed in your home for the extra comfort.

What is hydronic heating?

Hydronic heating systems heat water at the system’s heat source to a temperature controlled by you through your programmable thermostat. The hot water is then circulated through piping, which is typically installed in the floor or ceiling, and transferred directly into the surrounding area through radiators or convectors.

Hydronic heating gives you complete control to choose your ideal temperature for comfort.

What are the benefits of hydronic heating?

  • Easily built into new energy efficient homes.
  • Quieter than ducted systems because there are no fans blowing air around.
  • More hygienic because no dust, mould or allergens are being circulated in the air .
  • Smaller and less conspicuous than gas ducted heating systems.
  • Radiant heat warms people and objects rather than blowing out hot air.
  • Economical to operate.

What are the benefits of gas ducted heating?

  • Can be installed in existing or new properties provided the property has enough ceiling or underfloor space for the ducts.
  • Easy to create zones.
  • Instant warmth.
  • Easy to control/change the temperature quickly.
  • Very energy efficient and uses gas, which is less expensive than electricity.
  • Kind on the environment.
  • Can be combined heating and cooling system.
  • Can stagger the installations (e.g. heating first, cooling later) to manage your budget.

Which is better for your home?

So, is hydronic heating more efficient than gas ducted heating? The short answer: maybe.

There is little data on the topic of hydronic heating’s energy efficiency, but all signs point to hydronic using very little energy. While both hydronic heating and gas ducted heating systems have clear advantages, there are a few factors that can help you decide which is the right system for your home, including:

  • The price of installation vs your budget
  • Is the property new or existing?
  • Does the property already contain infrastructure for either system?
  • How important is it to zone off particular areas?

If you’re looking for an economical and energy efficient way to heat your home in Melbourne, phone Simplyair on 03 8692 7138 or complete our quick online form to get in touch with our friendly consultants who can help you determine the right system for your home.

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